Daily Heroines: Mel C and Lisa Left-Eye Lopez

I'm writing a little missive about the Spice Girls for the fishwrap, and just watched this fucking incredible musical video of Mel C's "Never Be the Same Again," which features TLC's Left Eye around the 2-minute mark. They are my heroines of the day.

Here are some things I would like to discuss about why I heart them both insane amounts:

1. Look at how organic and natural Mel is on the treadmill. It's awesome. I bet Moby wishes he could look like this when he runs, if he ever runs. I know I wish I could look like this when I run. Note: I look NOTHING like this when I run, and I certainly don't own any weird-but-somehow-she-pulls-them-off white workout pants. I will be searching through the Old Navy sale rack for a pair of these pants tomorrow, of that, I can assure you.
2. I absolutely can't stop rewinding to the mid-point where Mel and Lisa are all "Hey, dig our zen yoga poses while we rap and vibe with you about our pop music dreams." I mean what! Stupendous! Lisa's voice is just so beautiful. She was a beautiful lady, too.  Sigh. Sad.
3. Mel C pulls a serious David Blaine with the slow-jumping-floating move. Did he learn it from her? I know he didn't but sometimes, the mind, it just boggles.
4. Even with the not-so-flattering haircut, there is no doubt that Mel is the hottest Spice with the heart and talent. She definitely is now, what with the Feist-y fringe cut and the big green eyes. And that makes me feel so good because, you know secretly they probably always wanted her to be the outcast in the trackpants and the boy-boxers. She showed them all! It also helps that she is, and always was, the best vocalist in the group. And her solo career proves it! Looking good, shining on.
5. Two words: GOLD TOOTH. You saw it glinting there just as well as I did. Seriously, Mel is owning the moment like no other.

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