WTF Happened to Zac Ephron

The J-Timberlake/sophisticated emo boy transformation has begun! He's even growing out the eyebrows, good egg. What a tiny waist he has -- so accentuated by the skinny-black-belt-and-skinny-tie combo! 'Tis a glorious thing. And that perfectly mused, greasy bed-head, that anxious look of "Dude, I'm about to write a really bad, really painful song that I can use to make self-depricating remarks about myself on the talk-show circuit, or maybe go drive around and buy Chinese food and eat it all by myself, or, like, skip working out and lie on the ground in a park with Neutral Milk Hotel playing on my iPhone, because I can." Right?! I know. I know!

Vanessa Anne Hudgens, I hope you realize that the girls who listen to AFI are going to start lusting after your man harder than the ones who are clamoring for tickets to Disney World. Watch it happen.

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