• April 26, 2007
    By eldean

    POW! In your face, evil paparazzo bully!

    Hugh Grant is bloody genius. I love this guy… I really, really do. He’s gone and allegedly thrown a tub of baked beans at a nasty photog, as if Divine Brown wasn’t fun enough. The real sequence of events is here.

    BUT... below is how one might imagine it took place on Hugh’s tidy doorstep:

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  • April 05, 2007
    By Sharon Steel

    Holy Fuck the What.

    We can't stop giggling over some RIDICULOUS pictures of Jessica "A Public Affair" Simpson and John "O-face" Mayer frolicking on the beach in Sydney, Australia. What makes them so good isn't just how foolishly carefree these crazy kids are. It's Sky News's inane sidebar commentary. Here, just look

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  • April 04, 2007
    By eldean

    IT'S SPRING: Sianara suckas!

    The Hills is dunzo its second season, its poor, sweet, California perennials trampled by MTV groundhogs (like Run’s House and Taquita & Kaui). From her side of the California king, one can imagine Heidi Montag softly whispering “Is it really over?” In the other room, Spencer leaks Heidi's new "job" to the press via "homie phone," while team Heidi lies bandaged, in platic-surgeon ointment and gauze.

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