Forget "Madden Day," where does the line form for Guitar Hero 2?

A good chunk of males aged 18-45 today have already purchased their copies of the newest installment of Madden. The game's popularity has exploded to the point where EA's new ad campaign likens its release date to a holiday, "Madden Day."

And that's fine for some. But not us. We're done with Madden, personally, because, like the recent NCAA release, we think it's going to basically be nothing but a roster/schedule update with a gimmicky gameplay addition (move your lead blocker on run plays! And don't forget to check your QB's cone of vision, and perform a vicious hit with the hit stick on D!) tacked on so you don't feel like you're paying $50 for a roster update, even though you are. Oh, and there's also the increasingly ridiculous additions to the create-a-player mode. Like this year's addition, MAKING YOUR GUY LIFT WEIGHTS:

Where do I sign up for that!?

We ask this in complete sincerity: does anyone really want to do this? Don't people just want to play football? Are we way off base? We need answers here.

Meanwhile, we're far more excited about the latest news on the Guitar Hero front. We already know Guitar Hero II is going to include "You Really Got Me" (the Van Halen version,) "YYZ," "War Pigs," and the Butthole Surfers' "Who Was In My Room Last Night?", among others. And now, according to Kotaku and a video found on Gamespot, another song has been added to the playlist: "Sweet Child O' Mine."

Oh, man. And I bet you don't have to make your created guitarist practice his fingering all day to earn bonus points.
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