• December 14, 2012
    By Peter Kadzis

    Philip Bennett, the managing editor of FRONTLINE, the landmark, high quality PBS newsmagazine produced from WGBH's Allston headquarters, is said to be a "stealth candidate" for the job of replacing outgoing Boston Globe editor Martin Baron.

    Bennett was hired to cover local news when he first came to the Globe and eventually became Foreign News Editor.

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  • November 13, 2012
    By Peter Kadzis

    The Washington Post today confirmed what for weeks had been rumored: That Boston Globe editor Marty Baron would exit Morrissey Boulevard to take charge of the Washington Post - a regional newspaper with a national footprint which, for a variety of reasons, has lost much of its historic élan.

    The timing of the move is tinged with a touch of Hollywood. Washington operates on a two-year cycle, just as Congress does. But the quadrennial warp and weft of the presidential election is the rhythm that matters most. The appointment of a forceful talent like Baron at this particular moment reassures the imperial egos of the scribbling class that the stars are still in the heavens.

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