BOMBSHELL Outside Attack Ad in #MAsen Race: Is Scott Brown White???


In the good old days of earlier this year, sometime back in January, the United States Senate race in Massachusetts took a demonstrably positive turn, when Scott Brown and Liz Warren mutually pledged to keep Super PAC slime out of the picture (plus off the radio and web). The agreed upon remedy was that either candidate would have to donate half the value of the outside ad buy to charity, as the Brown campaign did twice in March.

By almost all means, that pact has unraveled at a rapid pace during the final stretch. Moneyed advocates behind both sides have invested in mailers, canvassing, and other gray avenues that skirt the deal. Most people expected this, presumably since there's no glory in losing by the rules. As such, the slander machine is up-and-running, and promises to raise some critical issues that have thus far been ignored. Today's big question: IS SCOTT BROWN REALLY WHITE??? You decide...

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