Meet the Mayor: Café D'Ville

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

Café D'Ville
Enig Mue

Why are you the mayor here?
My boy used to cater my house parties back in Roxbury. Now he has his own spot, so I come here when I'm in the area.

Why so fond of Caribbean food?
I like spicy, hot food. It makes my sinuses watery. I'm often congested. It really clears me the fuck out so I can go about my day, especially when I've got to talk.

Ever been to the Caribbean?
I went to Jamaica for about two months back in '01 for a vacation. Had a fucking blast. Went through the Mandeville area, mostly. Lots of woods, lots of hills. The women on the hills have the best bodies. They wear little short shorts, wife beaters, and go barefoot. I was droolin', man. I wanted to take one home and wife 'em up. I saw how they drive down there. They drive like maniacs. And there was really no obesity there, 'cause everybody eats the land. It was, like, fresh chicken, fresh cow, fruits and vegetables. Really healthy stuff.

How did you celebrate Patriots' Day?
I went to the Boston Marathon. Got sweaty. Got a tan. Felt good.

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