PHX Student Survival 101: Late Night Grub: 6 spots open 24-hours

Midnight snack attack? We've got you covered.

There are many great things about Boston. And then there are some things that are plain shitty. The winter. The fact that the T stops running before the bars even close. The fact that said bars close before 2 am. And that fact when said bars close before 2 am and you're stuck on a street corner freezing your ass off in the winter cold, desperately trying to flag a cab because said T stopped running you can't even find a slice of pizza to ease the pain. That in mind, we've rounded up the best places around town that keep their grills fired and doors open all night long.

South Street Diner

1. South Street Diner

A funky little 1920s joint at the corner of South and Kneeland Streets, this 24/7 diner (formerly Boston's Original Diner) serves solid, handmade versions of what you'd expect: burgers, fries, cheese omelets, and plenty of coffee. As you'd imagine, it gets pretty crowded when the downtown bar crowd starts spilling out into the night, so be prepared for a wait (it's worth it.) Booths are eserved for parties of three or more after 1 am, so if you're there with a date, you're at the counter. more

Victoria's Diner

2. Victoria's Diner

This 24-hour South End diner is a bit too clean for film-noir fantasies, but a good old diner nonetheless. A plus: it's rarely too crowded. Also, three words: NUTELLA FRENCH TOAST. Done. more

Market in the Square

3. Market in the Square

Sure, it's a bit pricey, but if you're not in the mood for diner food (paaaaancakes) then the 24-hour market is your best bet for grub at any hour. The hot and cold food bars at this glorified convenience store have great options. If you're in a fix and need to fill up fast, it's always open. more

Bova's Bakery

4. Bova's Bakery

Anyone who's lived and/or partied in the North End has doubtless paid Bova's a visit in the wee hours of the morning. Their all-carb offerings hit the spot after a night spent guzzling red wine at a restaurant bar, shooting whiskey at Goody Glovers, or maneuvering around drunken finance-types at the Sail Loft. We're partial to their enormous Arancini (fried rice balls) but they also have pre-made portions of pasta dishes, pizza, and all kinds of sweets to soak up the beer. A heads up: the deli isn't open late night. They won't make you a turkey sandwich at 2 am, not matter how hard you plead. We've tried. more



Oh, IHOP. Like most people, we have a love/hate relationship with International House of Pancakes. We love it because it's delicious, cheap as hell, and open all night. And those are the same reasons we hate it. Why is it that you can't leave an IHOP after midnight without a plate of pancakes, an omelet, and at least three servings of bacon fighting for room in your gut? Something about the place drives you to gluttony. Love wins out, however, as just typing out the word pancakes has us jonesing for those fluffy, never-ending stacks. Any time of day. more

Caffe Pompei

6. Caffe Pompei

Ok, it's not open 24-hours, but it's open late. Come last-call, this pizza joint is stuffed to the gills with soused young people looking for sustenance. The only place to score that fix (apart from Bova's,) Pompei has got all the standard pizza joint options, served up quick and hot. Due to heavy traffic and volume (not to mention the inebriation level of the late-night clientele) the service can be brusque. Don't sit at the tables if you're not eating in. They don't like that. But the gruff service is worth it if its a slice you crave. more

And for more tips on how to get out of college alive, check out our Student Survival Guide!

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