PHX Student Survival 101: Coffee shops where you can grab free WiFi and (usually) an outlet

Oh students of Boston, we feel your pain. It's that time of year again, the time when a glorious month of freedom is just weeks away. Christmas break from college: is there any period in life more sweet and completely free of those pesky adult responsibilites and real world hassles? (Other than the much longer summer break and that nine month stint in the womb, of course.) But before you can sell your textbooks back for booze money and hop a bus/plane/train back home, you've got to get through finals week. And that, young people, is the one part of our college days we don't miss one bit. It's time to buckle down but the library is too quiet, your dorm room/frat house/living room is too damn loud, and---well, shit-- it looks you forgot to pay the cable and internet bill this month anyway. Don't worry, we've rounded up eight of the best coffee shops around the city to snag free WiFi, an outlet, and all the caffeine you'll need to get you through the next few weeks

Espresso Royale Caffe

1. Espresso Royale Caffe

Three locations: Newbury Street, BU campus, and Northeastern Campus. It usually isn't too difficult to snag a table and many (some jaded New Yorkers aside) agree they have the best bagels in town. more

Pavement Coffeehouse

2. Pavement Coffeehouse

Many regulars call this spacious coffee joint Espresso Royale with couches. Same vibe, more seating. Good spot for a last-minute study group. more

Atomic Bean Cafe

3. Atomic Bean Cafe

This Central Square mainstay has got both free WiFi and plenty of outlets to plug in if you're planning on staying for the long-haul. It's usually fairly easy to score a seat. more

Clear Conscience Cafe

4. Clear Conscience Cafe

If the Atomic Bean is too crowded (or just isn't your scene) stop in to the Clear Conscience, situated right inside the Harvest Co-op, just feet from the Central T-stop. Always filled with good smells, almost never too crowded, this cafe is great for both studying and people-watching the diverse crowd that frequents the attached grocery. more

Flat Black Coffee

5. Flat Black Coffee

Best cup of coffee in the Financial District. Better still, you won't have to fight the yuppies who work in the neighborhood for table know they're all mainlining Starbucks. more

Boston Common Coffee Co.

6. Boston Common Coffee Co.

It can be tricky to grab a seat in the North End hotspot, especially during peak hours, but they've got comfy couches, tables, and counter stools set up for prime Little Italy people watching along the windows (you know, if you need a break from all that studying.)Friendly staff and plenty of outlets to plug in for the afternoon. They also have Financial District + Downtown Crossing locations. more

Wired Puppy

7. Wired Puppy

A welcome respite from all that hectic commercialism on Newbury Street, the Wired Puppy's second location (the original is in Provincetown) has Organic Direct Trade Specialty Coffees and Teas, great food, and friendly staff. more


8. Peet's

Ok, sure, it's a chain, but both Coolidge Corner and Harvard Square residents know it's often the preferable option over the ever-crowded, ever-hectic Starbucks right down the street. Good, strong coffee, plenty of room, and prices not quite high enough to be off-putting. more

And for more tips on how to get out of college alive, check out our Student Survival Guide!

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