PHX Student Survival 101: Drink for Cheap

We get it. You're a poor student on a budget. Or, hey, you're a rich student burning up Daddy's credit card at both ends. Either way, we doubt you'd turn away a cheap beer. Because that would be wrong. Whether it's young hipsters, old drunks, Irish food, a game of darts, or a good dose of Socialism with your Saturday night boozing you seek, we've got you covered. No need to thank us, it's what we do. (Report on cool shit, that is, not drink 7 nights a week...)
The Silhouette

1. The Silhouette

Known to locals as the "Sit and Sweat".....which paints a pretty accurate picture. Pulls a mix of old, hard drinkers and hipster kids...locals both.  Come for the cheap pitchers, delicious free popcorn, darts and pool tables. (Be forewarned, if you're not a regular, and timid, you may have a hard time securing a table.) Open until 1 am, though it will feel later once you leave. more

The Model

2. The Model

You can come here with ten bucks in your pocket and leave thoroughly soused. 'Nuff said. Cash only, but there's an ATM in the back. Come before 10 pm if don't want to wait it out on line with all the hipster kids who call this place home.  more

Charlie’s Kitchen

3. Charlie's Kitchen

Cambridge institution of a bar with atmosphere right out of the '50s. Stay downstairs for the booths and lively waitstaff, or head upstairs for the punk-and-indie-stocked jukeboxes. On the few months of the year that it's not snowing, check out the beer garden out back. more

The Sevens

4. The Sevens

Welcoming Beacon Hill dive bar with darts and a large selection of brews, including their own signature Sevens brew. We like. more

People’s Republik

5. People's Republik

The "People's Republic of Cambridge" joke goes only so far -- but, for a Cold War-themed bar, just far enough. The walls are festooned with socialist art and war posters, and a large lighted hanging boot and suspended bomb keep you focused on the work at hand. Which would be hard drinking, of course. more

TC’s Lounge

6. TC's Lounge

Walls chockablock with cheesy kitsch. Posters stained yellow from cigarettes of ages past. Panties for sale behind the bar. A faux fireplace. Shots with names like "Oxycontin" and "Blackout". (People have likely done both here...not us. Just people. Just saying.) Big Buck Hunter. Naked Photo Hunt. All Class. more

J.J. Foley’s

7. J.J. Foley's

This ancient dive has tipped slightly in the upscale-bistro direction, with a mix of big portions, moderate prices, and surprising touches, such as a cumin-pepper sauce on corned beef and cabbage. In general, you want to go with Irish pub food here, though the thin-crust pizza is quite competitive. Have a draught Guinness instead of dessert - half the price, half the calories. more

Brendan Behan

8. Brendan Behan

Named after the famous Irish author and activist, this traditional (and authentic) Irish pub has a lot of dark wood and a lot of beer. The absence of TVs and pinball machines fosters a conversational atmosphere. No cover, no credit cards, and no food. more

Flann O’Brien’s

9. Flann O'Brien's

Named after an early 20th-century satirical columnist and playwright from Ireland, Flann O'Brien's is a classic hole-in-the-wall with a pool table, pub food, and a great selection of imported beers on tap. more

And for more tips on making it out of college alive, refer to our Student Survival Guide.

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