Meet the Mayor: Fenway Park

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

Fenway Park
Matthew Goldstein

So, you take pictures of fans and the Park sells them as souvenirs. Has anyone ever made an obscene gesture while you took their picture?
I've seen a few birds in my day. I'm not offended. I've had a few offers, y'know, from women flashing the camera. They're not usually anyone you really want to see flash the camera, though.

The most inappropriately timed "Yankees suck" chant you've participated in?
Honestly, it's completely irrational, but it has that Boston spirit to it. I'm a huge Red Sox fan, but I'm slightly rational about the whole thing. It's an inferiority complex when you say the other guy sucks, and they don't suck at all. The Yankees are pretty good and have kicked our ass sufficiently many times. I'm all for heckling and yelling mean shit at the other players, but "Yankees suck" is a little unoriginal.

Could these two teams cultivate a more positive relationship?
I don't know if that's in their best interests. I think for all of baseball and these two cities, it helps that we theoretically hate each other. Boston and New York, for whatever reason, are natural rivals.

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