Awesome viral [music] video alert: Dutch couple gets freaky on and around a scooter

If this video (loosely translated: "with Romana on the scooter") proves anything, it's that Dutch people are very attractive and have got some killer dance moves hidden under the waisbands of their nylon Adidas track pants. The premise of this vid -- which is so big in the Netherlands that it's got its own fan site (are those meatballs?) and a Facebook page that, while completely blank, has 96 members (not too shabby) -- insofar as we can tell, is that this couple are very proud of their shiny, new scooter.  And so, they wrote a little diddy. Now, we don't speak Dutch, but we're pretty sure the woman's (Romana?) gyrations, combined with the hypersexual manner with which she's smooshing her hair all over her face, speak for themselves.

One of the best things about this video is the way the camerman (love to know who got finagled into taping this bit) keeps slowpanning onto various parts of the scooter, the headlight for one, and then just letting it linger there, like a good crotch shot in a porno. The strange photos facing outward in the window of the house and the troubled, vaguely medicated glaze in the dude in the purple shirt's eyes also add a certain something to a video that would have been awesome just for the seriously catchy tune. (Seriously, you're going to watch it at least three times.) Enjoy!

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