Meet the Mayor: Citizens Bank (Kendall Square)

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

Citizens Bank (Kendall Square)
Peter G. Nelson Jr.

What do you think of capitalism?
It's not perfect, but it sort of works. . . . Actually, honestly, I think I'm enjoying things like high-speed internet far too much to care. Some people are getting screwed. Some people are not getting screwed. But we believe we're not as badly screwed as the next guy. That's kind of brilliant.

Who's getting screwed worse than you?
I've seen some guys screwed pretty badly. . . . That's going to be taken out of context. . . .

Sure is! What's so great about high-speed internet?
Well, right now, I'm checking in to this bank [on Foursquare] because of the internet. But it comes down to instant gratification. I no longer ever wonder the answer to something. When I was a kid I'd wonder . . . something about dinosaurs or ninjas, probably, and then I'd have to ask my mom or go to the library. Now I can just check my phone or my computer.

Libraries suck. They kick you out whenever you scream as loud as you can.
I kind of dig that. I dig the whole quiet-time-in-libraries thing.

Silence doesn't make you uncomfortable?
No. . . . I mean . . . Sometimes people just need to shut the fuck up.

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