Meme of the Day: Your Mom Is So Cambridge (#prcmoms)

While one side of the river is either running the marathon, getting drunk and watching the marathon, or stumbling out of Fenway Park after the annual 11am Red Sox game, the other side of the river is enjoying our fakest spring holiday the way nature intended: by starting hyperlocal hashtag memes. 

En fuego right now: #prcmoms, which caught us off guard at first -- who knew the Photographic Resource Center had a mom? -- until we realized it was shorthand for "People's Republic of Cambridge Moms." What the hell is that? At last, it's a "yo-mama" thread for Cantabrigians. (Our favorite so far, because being meta is so Cambridge: "Your mother is so Cambridge she thinks 'Yo Mama' jokes are about a Chinese cellist.") And to think: it only took thirty years for yo-mama jokes to be politically correct enough to make their way to the People's Republic!

Here's the running thread so far; if you see any tasty ones, tag us @bostonphoenix

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