Move over, Kirk/Spock: time for politislash


By now, pretty much everyone has heard of slash, right? After all, fanfiction about two allegedly straight fictional characters (or celebrity personae) falling in sweaty, homoerotic love is something everyone can enjoy.

And what better grist for the genre than the heated, contentious world of politics? Besides, ever since the Tea Party started cockblocking the midterm elections with their weird, boring antics, the spark is gone; the current races just aren’t making our hearts go pitter-pat they way they usually do. Time to fix that — with a bunch of ridiculous, satirical made-up smut about our favorite pols. And we need your help.

Send us your art and stories featuring political pairings — local and national, current or historical. Is Obama turning to Biden for comfort in the aftermath of Rahm’s betrayal? Have Carly Fiorina and Maxine Waters shared a tender moment or two? Can you picture some proper Blair-on-Brown action? Tell us or show us, in under 400 words (fiction) or in 300-dpi jpg (art). E-mail your submissions to by October 22. We’ll put the best ones up on our Web site and possibly in the paper.

Don’t ask us how we came up with this. It was late, and we were pretty drunk.


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