Caught on Tape: Mel Gibson's Demented (and Possibly Homicidal) Tirade

We actually questioned (just for a moment, mind you) whether or not to post this because, frankly, it's really disturbing. In the end, though, it felt sorta necessary. Plus, everybody else is posting it. (Not that we'd follow them all off any bridges or anything.) And so: it seems that the world now has proof, as if anyone really needed it, that Mel Gibson did indeed raise a hand to girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. Following the venerable footsteps of other celebs caught on audio with their proverbial pants around their ankles, it seems Gibson was caught on tape ranting dementedly at his ex over the phone. And it is scary, scary stuff. Hollywood's reigning anti-semite and all-around legit crackpot can now add deranged, misogynistic psychotic to his lengthy resume. On which he can now add key words like "fucking dysfunctional cunt" (an insult hurled not at Grigorieva herself, but literally at her lady-parts. Yep.)  Click here to hear it for yourself (but be forewarned, it's pretty vulgar.) 

For eight, skin-crawling minutes, a surprisingly (and admirably) composed Grigorieva is subjected to the Passion of the Gibson, as he screeches, oft-times almost incoherently, into the receiver. He begins by accusing Grigorieva of "fucking up his day," not to mention making him want to smoke. (Smoke what? Meth? Crack? That's the only plausible explantion for this sort of behavior.) His suggestion for what she might do to make him feel better? "Shut the fuck up and BLOW me."  

If it wasn't so entirely, jarringly disturbing it would border on funny. (And that's a very big If.) Gibson veers from hyperventilating into the receiver to giggling maniacally, in between non-sensical accusations and more than a couple of flat-out threats of violence. It gets scarier as the conversation goes on, you can feel him losing all self-control (and more and more of his already addled mind.) Near the end, he tells poor Grigorieva that he will "put her in a rose garden" because "I'm capable of it." The most alarming thing about the threat (and it is undeniably a threat) is the matter-of-fact, chillingly calm way he delivers it. The only good that can come out of this, we hope, is that the proper authorities can try to give Mad Mel the help he clearly so desperately needs. (Though, what that might entail, short of electro-shock therapy, is beyond us.) Sort of makes this guy seems like a just harmless old curmudgeon, doesn't it?  

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