Gwen Stefani's English husband starts World Cup flame war with Boston Phoenix . . . on Twitter

We sure hope GWEN STEFANI wasn't rooting for US Soccer today -- or else she might need a restraining order. Seems Mr. Gwen doesn't take kindly to anyone poking fun at his native England's footballers.

Just after Bill Buckner let in the weakest goal in World Cup history, GAVIN ROSSDALE took to Twitter to bemoan the play of the UK squad: "What will we do against a good team?????? No flow,no team play...not again england!!!!!! I got a frown going. My mum could've saved that."

We here at the Phoenix were, of course, overjoyed: Even Eddie Vedder and MC Hammer were celebrating. So we decided to rub it in

Only thing better than a #WorldCup goal: wiping the smile off Mr. Stefani's face RT @GavinRossdale: not again england! I got a frown goingSat Jun 12 19:26:20 via Twitter for iPhone

That apparently was enough to send @GavinRossdale -- whose account is verified, by Twitter, as being the actual Gavin Rossdale -- over the edge:

(Rossdale's account is "private", so we had to take screenshots -- Twitter won't let us embed his tweets.)

Later in the match, Mr. Stefani was in better spirits, trying to psych himself up for the second half: "Here we go...stay positive...bright start...short balls....comeon." And as resignation set in, he came to a sort of peace with the match: "Fair play to the usa----in contention. But england...headed for palookaville on this turgid performance. Question-Why do the english players play like strangers...? Mediocre 1-mediocre 1"

Mediocre? Mediocre?! Our national pride wouldn't let a challenge like that go unanswered: 

The score between your last solo record and your wife's last solo record? RT @GavinRossdale Mediocre 1-mediocre 1Sat Jun 12 22:17:46 via Power Twitter

This time Rossdale wouldn't even respond to us directly. But when @BananaAnarchy retweeted our comeback, Rossdale took to his Blackberry for yet another tantrum:

Oh man: downloads! We hear he's sold a few ringtones, to boot. Well, we know who we'll be needling for the rest of England's World Cup run. Care to join us? You can follow the ongoing war of words right here, or follow us on Twitter to get the latest.

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