Monday Night Football preview: "Possible Super Bowl Preview" is a phrase you will hear!


Week 12 is upon us, the Thanksgiving has passed, and while we have feasted and fattened, the NFL has trimmed itself down to a small number of teams who could legitimately get to the Super Bowl and win. Tonight we will watch two of those teams so it should be exciting.

The New Orleans Saints are awesome. There is little argument with that. They have sweet uniforms, they play in one of the most fantastic cities in the world, and they have an owner who has been seen dancing, with an umbrella, indoors. They have also gone undefeated, and done so in a manner that stands in stark contrast to their unbeaten counterparts in the AFC. The 11-0 Colts exist in a state of perpetual respect, led by their Easter-Island-headed, anointed-since-birth, seller-of-all-things QB, and guided by a front office that is known for its ability to find value in the draft, not to mention its lack of tolerance for fuck ups. The Saints, meanwhile, seem to be all afterthought and nobodies. They have a quarterback who is nearly the fetus-faced-one's equal, but receives none of the attention. Perhaps this is because of his marking, or maybe his strange family problems. The rest of their team is made up of cast-offs and weirdos and this guy (but he doesn't play much). Let’s face it: there is a lot to root for here.

In the other corner are New England Patriots: at this point, the team most-disliked outside of their home region. Perennially bathed in Stetson, lovers of de-hoodied hoodies, the Pats nearly took down the Colts but then this happened. Our boys are looking for redemption on national television and would enjoy nothing more than to take the Saints down. (Well, except, perhaps, for having babies out of wedlock, or going out for traffic violations and smoothies). Though the 2009-10 Patriots seem like a lesser offspring of the team that went 16-0 a couple seasons back, it appears that things are starting to come together for their youngish defense and construda-hunting running back. If those elements can gel, New England will likely be rewarded by the media with my personal-favorite sports cliché, usually bestowed at the beginning second season: "The Team That No One Wants To Face in the Playoffs.” Join us and listen for the excitement at 8:30pm EST!

Foot Ballz Talk is a live internet broadcast in which “two guys talk about football during a Monday night and play records.” It is produced by Mac and TD (familiar to fans of the musical endeavors Big Digits and Bodega Girls), and has been described by us (not by them) as “Mystery Pigskin Theater 3000.” Each Monday, we’ll publish the FBT preview of that night’s contest. You can listen to Foot Ballz Talk on the internet, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter

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