Scientology Back in the News - This Time Banned from Wikipedia


I'm not generally prone to blindly push along potential rumors (even if they're probably true) that I stumbled across on line, but it seems that IP addresses from the Church of Scientology have been banned from editing Wikipedia content. Allegedly - believe it or not - they've been accused of changing entries so as to make them fit the church's better interests (rather than the facts).

So why this post? In reading some articles that are popping up about the Wikipedia decision (in a French court), it dawned on me that I would not fully understand the situation if not for the entire month I spent last year writing this article about Scientology and the protest group Anonymous that likes to fuck with church members.

My piece is not the best primer on the church itself - those who are newly interested should start with this 2008 Radar article by John Cook and this 1991 piece from Time magazine - but it's one of the best accounts on how the worlds of technology and Scientology have fiercely clashed for more than a decade.

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