How To Go From Designer Douchebag to Sartorial Deity In Just One Step

On Project Runway, Michael Kors is an asshole. He is the Jewish, Long Island-y version of what Christian will be in about 40 years. However, he is a Top American Designer (thx, Heidi!) and therefore an expert on fashionologie. And, we must admit, usually, for the most part, he's got decent taste, and he gives witty soundbites for us to mock.

But anyone who knows us well knows that we're suckers for people who delight in parading their guilty pleasures around for everyone to see. It's the verbal equivalent of bending over in your new super low-low jeans only to show off the butt-floss you decided to rock that day, or smiling really big at the person you're trying to impress with food in your teeth, or acting like you're best friends with someone when you have the distinct inclination they might actually hate you. And not caring.

Anyway, Michael Kors is a fan of our beloved Spice Girls. Take a gander at the manner in which he confessed this secret love of the Girl Power to our sartorial Bible, WWD:

On Wednesday, Michael Kors and CFDA executive director Steven Kolb took in the Spice spectacular at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J., where they had a chance to meet the group backstage. "Of course I am a Spice Girls fan," Kors said. "I love everything that teenage girls love. I am the oldest teenage girl."

That's so fucking beautiful in a dead-bird way--one of our favorite ways! Thank you, Michael "Tranny Spice" Kors. You win. For now.
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