The WGA Strike - Not over yet, but maybe after this weekend?

"So we'll march day and ni-i-ight, by the big cooling tower
They have the [studios], but we have the power [sorta]"

In spite of what Michael Eisner says, the WGA strike is not over. This Saturday, WGA leadership will meet with members to discuss the language of a possible deal, then on Sunday, the WGA's board will vote on whether or not to accept it. This all may sound great, particularly to those of us who are really really hoping they find time to finish this season of Lost before, like, August, but Deadline Hollywood Daily's Nikki Finke (who's really the best source out there for this stuff) cautions against getting too optimistic:

I'm told that one of the purposes of Saturday's informational meetings is for the governing boards to decide whether the membership will approve the contract or not. This, insiders say, will determine if the bigwigs call off the strike or not.

Once the governing bodies recommend the contract and call off the strike, then procedures will kick in to send out ballots to the membership on both coasts to vote on the contract.

Of course, some snafus may occur. For instance, I'm told that if no draft language is ready in time for Saturday, "it's a very different ballgame".

So it looks like we'll know more after Monday. As we mentioned before, we don't even really miss TV all that much (somewhat to our surprise), we just want Lost. (And The Wire, too, but that's in the can already.)

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