A quick note about your New England Patriots

The gentleman pictured above is Chris Hanson, punter for the New England Patriots. In eight games, he's been called upon to punt 18 times. For those who don't know much about football, that's not a lot of punts.

But that's not what this post is about - I'm not here to give you a different spin on "The Patriots are really good." You know that by now. The reason I'm posting is because it's recently come to my attention that when Chris Hanson was employed by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2003, he missed a good three-quarters of the season due to injury. An injury that occured when he cut his foot open with the axe that Jags coach Jack del Rio brought in to the locker room as a "motivational tool" to remind the team to "keep chopping wood."

I'm not sure this is coming across properly: he chopped his foot open with an axe. Seriously.

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