Red Walls Kill at TT's

Maybe it was the fact that they were coming after the personality-free Robbers on High Street, maybe I was in need of a good kick in the ass...whatever it was the Red Walls, a band whose records I’ve never been particularly enamored with, damn near blew me away Tuesday night at TT’s. Extremely quick rundown follows:




Logan Baren (singer/guitarist) - The consummate rocker: tight pants, horrible shirt, little guy complex, maybe. He was ferocious and fun to watch, little guys always are. When July 4th was brought up, he just as quickly dismissed it with a few indecipherable words in a faux-British accent, a sneer, and a considerable wail of the guitar. Fucking perfect.


Justin Baren (pretty boy bassist — they do exist!) — Suit, big healthy head of hair combed to one side, axe raised a lot, also miniscule. He put on like 4 different accents throughout, none of them convincing, none of them meant to be.


Andrew Langer (guitar, vocals) - Hopelessly uncool, John Cusack lookalike. Whenever he would sing he’d raise his eyebrows a lot and bounce awkwardly up and down.


Ben Greeno (drums) - largely forgettable (it’s a sad plight)



Highlight: Every so often the brothers, Logan and Justin would share a mic, planting their bodies and faces at such an angle that the two would be near-kissing. Normally the thrill of the homoerotic tease is exhilarating enough for any audience. But an incestuous homoerotic tease, well that’s just scandalous.


Lowpoint: Robbers on High Street set: if robots could sing and play guitar...

I would show you the pictures I took with my phone, but they're balls.

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