• March 26, 2007
    By Sharon Steel

    Mrs. Andy Richter, a/k/a actress and writer SARAH THYRE, was dubbed the “family liar” by her father almost as soon as she learned to talk. In her attempt to live up to this infamous nickname, high jinks and hilarity ensued, and she resurrects all her old raunchy anecdotal ghosts in the new memoir Dark at the Roots, which comes packaged with breathless plugs by the likes of David Sedaris and David Rakoff.

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  • October 18, 2006
    By Sharon Steel

    Right. First things first, here's your readings option for tomorrow:

    Mrs. Dracula

    ELIZABETH KOSTOVA was so obsessed with Dracula, she spent a decade researching the legend, originally inspired by “pleasantly creepy” tales her father told her about the vampire when she was a girl. Ten years later, the first-time novelist cashed into a publishing jackpot — a $2 million advance for The Historian, seven-figure rights to the film, dozens of rave reviews, and a #1 slot on bestseller lists.

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  • October 09, 2006
    By Sharon Steel

    The unspoken rule of “chicks before dicks” doesn’t seem to mean very much to Mattie and Jane, the two leading ladies in LISE HAINES’s second novel, Small Acts of Sex and Electricity. Both of them are in love with the same man, and in a bizarre, Wife Swap–esque switch, Jane takes a few weeks off from her family to indulge in some singleton adventures while unmarried college friend Mattie takes care of Jane’s two daughters and tries to rekindle an old relationship with Jane’s husband.

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