• September 25, 2006
    By Sharon Steel

    Pink is the new Bitch

    Chuck Klosterman:
    We want to punch you in the Sasquatch

    Oh you! Go do what the Harvard Book Store says:

    I. You can throw:

    1. Shiny beads
    2. Dusty post-feminist texts
    3. Prescription-only coke bottle glasses

    II. You can go:

    1. The Ultimate Indie-Yuppie is in town, and what a nasty piece of work he is:

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  • July 18, 2006
    By Sharon Steel

    Just a friendly reminder from the Word Up crew that Al Gore will be signing copies of An Inconvenient Truth at noon today at the Harvard Book Store. You want to know why it's so freaking hot out? He may tell you, if it doesn't hold up the line too much. But no pushing. You'll all get your face time in.

    He's all business now. Why so serious, Al? Oh, it must be because we're killing the planet.

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