Avril Lavigne Watch: Hot Topic punk princess now a writer; fights demons

Didn't get a chance to post about this last week, but better late than never. Straight from Publisher's Lunch:

Children's: Young Adult

Grammy-nominated musician Avril Lavigne's MAKE 5 WISHES color manga books, in which an introverted teenager gets a series of wishes granted by a demon go bad and then meets her hero -- Avril Lavigne, who helps her find the courage to conquer her own personal demons, to Betsy Mitchell at Del Rey Manga, for publication in April 2007 and July 2007, by Terry McBride at Nettwerk Management (world).

So, we've been balls-out in love with Av for ages now, and no, we can't justify why. It has something to do with her excessive hair straightening, her ability to finagle a modeling contract out of Ford despite her tiny stature, her weird siren-esque voice, and the fact that she got married young to a "punk" singer who sort of resembles a toad. We have also been playing her leaked single "Girlfriend," co-written by Dr. Luke (the magician behind "Since U Been Gone") on repeat for the past few days. And yeah, we think it's amazing.

But back to Av the author. Check the cartoonish styling on the cover of her new album, The Best Damn Thing. Whoever winds up inking the Make 5 Wishes strip would have no trouble cribbing a comic character Avril off this pic. Pink streaks? Was her stylist asleep on the job?

The new Mrs. Whibley: author, grrrl-power demon-fighter, heroine to introverted young girls everywhere. 
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