Writer James Greer Was Engaged, Not Married, to Kim, Not Kim!

Hey pop-culture savvy kit kats. We made an embarrassing mistake over at our other gig. Silly us!

To recap:

Former Guided by Voices bassist and biographer JAMES GREER was married engaged to Sonic Youther* Kim Deal, he used to write for Spin back when it put bands other than My Chemical Romance on the cover, he’s originally from Boston, and his first work of fiction, Artificial Light, is meta to the extreme, with three books-within-a-book forming the story’s ambitious narrative plus a character named Kurt C- who fronted for a band Greer refers to as N. Despite the prose tricks and the unconventional style, Greer treats the Midwest’s alternative-music scene with the sort of seriousness that might impress even C. Love. He reads at Brookline Booksmith, 279 Harvard St, Brookline | 7 pm | free | 617.566.6660.

*Of the Pixies and the Breeders, not Sonic Youth. Snap!


Was Engaged, Not Married, to Greer

Sonic Youther, Thurston Moore's boo

We regret the error, sincerely, and we've sufficiently been shamefaced by someone who felt the need to write in and tell us we made him wince -- wince! -- as a result of us mixing up the coolest Kim in rock music with the other coolest Kim in rock music. We will now get our head out of our ass and go memorize every Breeders song ever written as penance. Totes.

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