Three-piece suit, DIY, game shows, junk food: Irvine Welsh at the Coolidge tomorrow

"When people start writing there is this idea that you have to get everything right first time, every sentence has to be perfect, every paragraph has to be perfect, every chapter has to be perfect, but what you're doing is not any kind of public show, until you're ready for it. There is a kind of mysticism to writing. Every kind of book I've written has been written in a different way. There has not been any set time for writing, any set way, I haven't re-invented the process every time but I almost have. I enjoy the freedom of the blank page. You have to respect the mysticism of writing; you're always going to learn things that will work subconsciously and stuff that won't. You can't tear yourself apart with it either. If you become too self-conscious about it, it shows up in the work, so you've got to enjoy it as well."

A few weeks ago we gave you the heads up that Irvine Welsh would be rolling into town to promote his latest, The Bedroom Secrets of Master Chefs. Your obligatory reminder, since he's a literary supastar, and also, we'd hate for you to miss it just so you can sit home and wait for the hella anti-climactic Real World finale. He'll be at the Coolidge Corner Theatre tomorrow night at 6 pm and tix are only 2 bucks. Reserve them over the phone (617.566.6660) or buy them at the Brookline Booksmith. If you wind up going, please let us know how many f-bombs or c-words Welshy drops. And we'll let you know if Svetlana gets smacked in the face.*

*Editor's note: OMFG how could we have messed that up?! Real World is on tonight. Tomorrow night is the friggin awesome to the max premiere ep of Laguna Beach: Season 3. Welshy or Cali dramarama x 1000?!! Sigh.

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