Even Thomas Pynchon Digs Sexy Publicity Stunts!

It's not just Tom Cruisazy's game anymore. Katie's looking rough, and we haven't seen so much as the tiniest glimpse of their L. Ron Hubbard-approved lovechild Suri, but now we've got the insider info on Thomas Pynchon's sixth novel, Against the Day, due in December from Penguin Press.

This is the stuff of dreams! The internerd's crazy Pynchon cult has got its collective groupie panties in a twist over the author's not-so-anonymous posting. Gosh, writers DO use Amazon for more than just checking their ratings and micro-managing nasty review commentary (holler at ya, Anne Rice)! Publisher's Marketplace reports:

The description of Thomas Pynchon's forthcoming novel AGAINST THE DAY referred to in Slate yesterday, pulled down from Amazon's official product page but preserved by a site visitor on Amazon's discussion board, is indeed by the author, confirmed by Tracy Locke at Penguin Press.

Locke adds that the Slate piece incorrectly claimed she "disavowed all knowledge" of the post. "I explained to Troy Patterson that I was unaware that any sort of book description had been posted on Amazon and that I'd not seen it -- and therefore could not comment on its accuracy."

Amazon's Sean Sundwall tells the AP it was Penguin that asked for the posting to be withdrawn, "due to a late change in scheduling on their part."

A late change in scheduling? Whatever. God, we adore Pynchon fans. Here's one example of their breathless speculation before Penguin confirmed that it was indeed Pynchon who authored the post: "All new counter cultures are hypertextual, web-based, the best way for Pynchon to push the envelope is to bring the new subculture into the 'game' the best way to do that is hypertextually by entertaining 'tickling the creature' about what they are obsessed with (they are obsessed with Pynchon the recluse, the hoax photos, what have you)." That is, like, totally what we were thinking.  

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Check out this sparkle in homeskillet's eyes.
And that smile! So post-modern! We got your back, Thom.


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