• September 15, 2012
    By Peter Keough

    Our jury met yesterday. I can't divulge the results just yet, but I can share some new award categories I came up with that were wisely rejected when cooler heads prevailed.

    They are:

    Best performance as the victim of a disaster enduring an excruciating struggle for survival:

    1) Naomi Watts in "The Impossible" as a mother vacationing in Thailand with her family who must ***endure brutal hardships in order to find her lost sons and husband.

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  • September 10, 2012
    By Peter Keough

    Here's a brief test on your knowledge of TIFF films you probably haven't seen yet.

    Match the following scenes with the director who made the film.

    The Scenes:

    1. In a storeroom filled with stuffed animals a man about to get a blowjob weeps uncontrollably over his deceased mother

    2. On a beach, a sailor drunk on homemade hootch has simulated sexual intercourse with a sand sculpture of a naked woman.

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