See this [free ] film: Sleeper @ the South Boston Brach Library

When fans heap praise on recent Woody Allen films like To Rome With Love or even last year's Midnight in Paris it might be because they've forgotten the anarchic hilarity of his earlier comedies, like Sleeper (1973). If Philip K. Dick wrote slapstick comedy it might resemble this story of a Manhattan health food store owner (played by Allen), who suffers a cryogenics mishap and wakes up 200 years in the future, where rebels against the reigning dictatorship enlist him in their cause. Some key moments: Allen holding a disembodied nose at gunpoint; Allen beating a pudding into submission with a broom; and the immortal line, "Sex and death - two things that come once in a lifetime . . . but at least after death, you're not nauseous." Catch this and other Allen films this month at the South Boston Branch Library, 646 East Broadway, South Boston | Thursday, August 9 @ 6 pm | Free | 617.268.0180 or

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