Antichrist update: Scott Brown?


What with all the extraordinary events of the past week, not the least of which being the election of Scott Brown as US Senator (the same week "Legion" is released? hmmm), I feel an update on the Antichrist situation is in order.

Is Brown the Evil One, the one labeled 666 and prophesized in the Book of Revelations to bring on Armageddon? In my opinion, the jury's still out. I have searched his nude Cosmo spread and his wife Gail Huff's topless turn in Digney Fignus's 1984 music video "The Girl With the Curious Hand" for clues, not to mention the photo of him and his two daughters, who seem to be wearing clamshells and little else, and I think there is a case there to be made here (people on Facebook are already working on getting him to come up with his birth certificate).

So I decided to put it to the tried and true test of putting his name  and the word "Antichrist" on Google and counting the hits.

The result? A comparatively weak 15,900, including one offering a vote on the question "Is Scott Brown the Antichrist?" (so far nine votes altogether, eight "hell yes," including mine), and another that asks the question, "Is Obama the Antichrist?"

Well, is he? Obama  gets 567,000 hits when you put it to Google, including this item in the "World Net Daily" about a YouTube video in which a theological scholar proves that the Bible identified Obama as the Antichrist -- by name.

These results might not clarify who indeed the Antichrist might be. But they might help explain how Brown got elected.

But back to project at hand. Other possibilities come to mind. How about "King of the World" James Cameron? That boast doesn't seem so innocent now, a billion and half dollars after "Avatar" debuted and the New World Order of moviemaking began. Result: a blockbusting 244,000.

How about Glenn Beck? 115,000 hits including this one in which he explains how Obama might be the Antichrist. Just the kind of wicked deceit that the Antichrist would try to pull on us.

And, of course, myself. Current tally, 7,910. Doesn't seem like much, but only four months ago when I last wasted my time doing this, it was just 977.

Remember they once said Scott Brown was a hopeless underdog, too.

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