Cave-In confirms new EP and Boston reunion show, sets internets on fire

Confirming the blockbuster story that OTD broke on Tuesday, Cave-In confirmed their reunion plans in a post to their long-dormant MySpace account, officially ending three and a half-years of inaction. Wait, let's just let them say the same thing:

Dear friends,

After 3 1/2 long years, Cave In has decided to end its hiatus. Please

join us for an EP release show at Great Scott's (1222 Commonwealth

Ave., Allston MA) on Sunday, July 19th @ 9PM. Also playing will be our

friends Disappearer and Phantom Glue. Copies of the "Planets Of Old"

limited 12" (recorded by Adam Taylor, Alex Hartman & Johnny Northrup @

Camp St. Studio) from Hydra Head Records will be available that night.

We hope to see your lovely selves.

Steve, Adam, J.R., Caleb


Meanwhile, the internets went a little crazy -- to the point that people were linking to our post even after we (temporarily) deleted it. For the record, we snuffed the original post under threats from HydraHead to send Ironlung with a scythe to bring our balls back in a sack -- which, frankly, probably wouldn't have been an unfair punishment for leaking a secret the label had kept under wraps for six months. In our defense, we'll say only that we thought Cave-In had already posted their official announcement (or was about to any second), and that, even being really huge Cave-In fans, we had up to that point faithfully kept their reunion a secret even though we'd confirmed details of the new EP from multiple sources back in January.


OK, enough inside baseball. Time to get fucking psyched for the Great Scott show. Already, there's a cloud of commenters on the band's MySpace page begging for a reunion tour, and pretty much every metal portal that reported on the reunion has a string of readers throwing the devil horns and trying to out-inside-referencing each other with fan-dork glee.

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