• OUT November 20, 2009
    By Alexandra Cavallo

    Brand New plays "You Won't Know" at the House of Blues. Click here to see a full gallery of photos from the show

    I'd like to say that veteran emo-punkers Brand New's fans have matured with the band, if only because it would make a good opening line, but it wouldn't be true. The sold-out show at the House of Blues Tuesday night attracted the usual motley crew of spotty adolescents, mopey emo kids, and angular young moshers.

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  • OUT November 03, 2009
    By Alexandra Cavallo

    Click here for the full Say Anything slideshow
    (photo by Jerome Eno)

    It's not entirely clear whether or not indie-punkers Say Anything named their band after the classic '80s flick (though as children of that generation, it seems pretty likely) but Max Bemis, frontman of the six-man band, seems to have at least one thing in common with Cusack's Lloyd Dobler: unabashed earnestness.

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  • October 20, 2009
    By Carly Carioli

    We'll have photos and review of Paramore's sold-out House of Blues show tomorrow. For now, here's their one quiet moment: the gentle folk song from Brand New Eyes, performed pretty much the way it appears on the album.

    Also, if anyone has video of @YELYAHWiLLiAMS covering Chaka Khan, get at us.

  • OUT October 08, 2009
    By webteam

    Not even a (minor) set malfunction could put a damper on the energy coursing through the House of Blues last night. Mid-set, one corner of the gigantic, glowing, psychedelic screen behind the band slipped free of its tether and made a break for the stage floor. “Looks like we’re having a Spinal Tap moment,” vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala remarked idly, as the stage crew hustled to pull the errant screen back into place.

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  • OUT September 29, 2009
    By Shaula Clark

    Photo by Nellie Sweet

    A swarm of KMFDM fans in shin-swallowing boots, leather bondage kilts, and fishnets stream by as my friend Andy and I loiter in the House of Blues lobby, killing time until Andy’s concert buddies show up. When they do, the girls come bearing gossip: they were at KMFDM's afterparty in NYC last night, and they report that the band mentioned being nervous about playing Boston.

    It’s unsettling news, but not too surprising. After all, we’re standing on the grave of Axis, the site of a disastrous 2003 KMFDM show. That night six years ago, the band members were all sick as dogs, and even though they put on a more-than-decent show, the Axis audience was legendarily awful. KMFDM hasn’t played Boston proper since (they did swing by the Middle East for their 20th anniversary tour) and skipped Massachusetts completely on their Hau Ruck tour.

    Tonight's crowd is the expected mix of grizzled old-school rivetheads and folks like me who first jumped on KMFDM’s industrial wave of destruction as high schoolers in the mid-'90s. Less expected is the horde of dewy-faced young things. I suspect more than a few of them were lured here by the openers, the Aussie electro-industrial duo Angelspit.

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  • May 15, 2009
    By Ryan Stewart

    We'll have more on last night's Animal Collective performance at the HoBo coming soon, but to tide you over, please enjoy this extended version of "Guy's Eyes" from Merriweather Post Pavilion.

  • May 14, 2009
    By Ryan Stewart

    Last week, recent Metal Blade signees Gwar brought their show to the House of Blues. Our editor, Lance Gould, caught up with them for a brief interview which managed to cover a wide range of topics.

  • May 12, 2009
    By Ryan Stewart

    To get yourself excited for this Thursday's Animal Collective show at the HoB-Bo, you can listen to a stream of their recent set at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. over at NPR. Also their big box set is out now.

  • March 13, 2009
    By Carly Carioli

    MORE PHOTOS:  Dropkick Murphys | House of Blue, Boston, MA | March 12, 2009

    To judge by their merchandising, their popularity, and the position they occupy in Boston's civic identity, the Dropkicks are in essence the city's fifth major professional sports team -- with the added bonus that they always win. They are greeted with a hero's welcome even before they present themselves publicly. At the House of Blues, services commence with a traditional Irish hymn (piped in) and a kilted bagpipe player (live) and then, with room to spare and Celtic church-window tapestries unfurled behind them, they arrive onstage blaring a three-chord fanfare. The crowd tight enough in front for a rolling, stadium-like pogo. Crowd surfers helpfully chuted off to the sides and delivered back into the throng -- not summarily kicked to the curb. Good form. (Video after the jump.)

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