• July 19, 2010
    By Chris Faraone

    In my opinion this is the most impressive joint on Hi-Tek and Talib Kweli's recently released Revolutions Per Minute (REVIEW HERE). Glad to see they gave it the proper treatment in the wake of the BP oil spill (not to mention the many oil-driven conflicts and quagmires that the United States is currently tangled up in).

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  • September 09, 2009
    By Chris Faraone

    BUhiphopfrosh: Dude – you there?
    Sneakerhead69: Yeah. Kind of. Still blazed from that post-show blunt. Missed orientation this morning.

    BUhiphopfrosh: LOL. Me too. Fuck that shit. I like positive hip-hop and all, but I ain’t about sharing my feeling with a bunch of herbs.
    Sneakerhead69: That’s real.

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  • March 20, 2009
    By Chris Faraone


    Imagine your favorite artist of all-time performing his or her best material that you’ve never seen live before. That’s what I got last night when Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek nearly tore through the entire Reflection Eternal disc, Train of Thought; I had more blood rushing through me than when I got my debut blow job back in eighth grade.


    It was a long day before I got to Kweli at the Scoot Inn – and to the afterparty at the Red Bull Moon Tower in the middle of absolutely nowhere. I ate lots of barbecue and even nearly shat my pants; but it was beyond worth it – I’m considering adopting grandchildren just so I can tell them about my adventures.


    As it turns out, brisket goes well with junky music. I won’t call anyone out (though I bet Brodeur will), but the sounds penetrating my skull while I grubbed baked beans and free potato salad at the SoHo Lounge nearly forced the barbecue right out the other side.


    If you have a minute, shed a tear for lonely guys who strum guitars on corners and belt heartfelt lyrics; they’re the only ones who care about their feelings – kind of like Britney Spears . . .  YAK BALLZ, LADY SOV, AND MORE AFTER THE JUMP

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