• VIDEO April 08, 2009
    By webteam

    VIDEO: Six Finger Satllite live at Great Scott. Video by Matt Parish

    If there was one thing I didn’t expect to see displayed on stage this windy Saturday, it was big smiles. Spastic dances? Yes. Twitchy guitar palpitations? Check. Darkly intoned exhortations over a punishing rhythm section? Sure. But when you think Six Finger Satellite, musicians grinning ear-to-ear in musical exultation is not an image that comes to mind.

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  • VIDEO April 02, 2009
    By Ryan Stewart

    This clip of Sonic Youth performing "Calming the Snake," from their forthcoming album The Eternal - their first on Matador - indicates that the gang is continuing along in the same vein as their previous two "proper" releases, Rather Ripped and Sonic Nurse. We're guessing it fit in well on what was apparently a pretty sweet set list.
  • VIDEO April 02, 2009
    By Ryan Stewart

    Ida Maria, "Oh My God" (live at the Paradise)

    Two nights ago, Ida Maria and Glasvegas, two of the more buzzed-about acts these days, packed the Paradise Rock Club. Ida Maria was probably the more impressive of the two; though she was both charismatic and energetic, her onstage antics didn't overshadow her voice, which was strong enough to carry stretches of the performance completely on its own. Glasvegas, on the other hand, sounded good, but after their first handful of songs it all started blending together in a sea of reverb and strobe lights. 

    Before the show, both bands stopped by to visit with our friends at WFNX at their studio at One Financial Center to perform acoustically. After the jump, we've got video of both bands acoustic at FNX and electric at the Paradise; you can decide for yourself which you prefer.

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  • VIDEO March 19, 2009
    By Ryan Stewart

    VIDEO: Gaslight Anthem, "Left of the Dial" (Replacements cover)

    As promised, we come to you now with some better-quality video from Gaslight Anthem's set on St. Patrick's Day at Hurricane O'Reilly's. And yeah, we should get over it, but there is still something inherently weird about seeing a band we like a place like that. What's next? No Age and Titus Andronicus playing the Kells? Anyway, above you can watch them covering the Replacements' "Left of the Dial," in which lead singer Brian Fallon sounds almost indistinguishable from Paul Westerberg if you close your eyes. After the jump, watch "The '59 Sound," which likely needs no introduction.

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  • VIDEO March 04, 2009
    By Ryan Stewart

    VIDEO: Trail of Dead, "Relative Ways" live at the Middle East Downstairs.

    And You Will Know Them by the Trail of Shattered Eardrums: say what you will about Trail of Dead's post-Source Tags & Codes recorded output, but ignore their live show at your own peril. Though they're a few years older and wiser, they're no less intense or powerful, as the above video of their performance of their classic track "Relative Ways" demonstrates.

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