• OUT April 21, 2009
    By webteam

    VIDEO: Joel Roston does the Church's "Under The Milky Way" live at ZuZu

    A few months ago, there was talk that ZuZu, the Middle East’s slightly swankier lounge, would stop hosting live music in favor of more DJ-centric music nights, like Solid! and the always-popular Soul-le-lu-jah. This hasn’t proved to be the case, I’m glad to report.

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  • OUT April 14, 2009
    By Matt Parish

    Daniel Striped Tiger, photo by Christopher Huang.

    Dudes in sleeveless T-shirts who looked as if they’d been bathing in Taco Bell bathrooms for months rolled amps through the quiet, misty Harvard quad to Holden Chapel, where a stately portrait of a shiny-domed professor looked down on a mess of kids flailing around to screamo cadre the Saddest Landscape.

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  • VIDEO April 08, 2009
    By webteam

    VIDEO: Six Finger Satllite live at Great Scott. Video by Matt Parish

    If there was one thing I didn’t expect to see displayed on stage this windy Saturday, it was big smiles. Spastic dances? Yes. Twitchy guitar palpitations? Check. Darkly intoned exhortations over a punishing rhythm section? Sure. But when you think Six Finger Satellite, musicians grinning ear-to-ear in musical exultation is not an image that comes to mind.

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  • OUT April 07, 2009
    By Shaula Clark

    Repo: The Genetic Opera screens April 18 at the Coolidge

    Two weekends ago, I went to the Coolidge to see the midnight screening of Repo: The Genetic Opera, the 2008 rock musical set in a decadent, surgery-obsessed dystopia. I should have known something was amiss right away when, before the movie started, a dude dressed in what appeared to be a conductor’s outfit stood up and commenced screaming film quotes until the audience gave him a satisfactory callback response.

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  • OUT April 07, 2009
    By Chris Faraone

    The advantage of dubbing something an “experiment” is that — no matter what the outcome — you’ve achieved your goal. That’s not a swipe at the Institute of Contemporary Art, which has hosted a number of successful — and daring — avant-garde “Experiment” shindigs at its Waterfront home base. I’m just saying that my not having had the best time since senior prom doesn’t mean the throwdown wasn’t interesting, or even worthwhile.

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  • OUT March 30, 2009
    By Shaula Clark

    There were no Fiji mermaids or dog-faced boys to be found at the “Cabinet of Wonders” show at the Brattle Theatre last Thursday, but the odd variety-show format ensured that its shelves were well-stocked with exotic curios.

    First, the night’s host — Hastings-born, Dylan-inspired singer-songwriter John Wesley Harding — tore into a few earwormy numbers off his new album, Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead (Rebel Group).

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  • OUT March 18, 2009
    By Lisa Spinelli

    On hiatus for the last 13 years, Irish-bred rap group House of Pain returned for a one-night performance at the Roxy on St. Patty’s Day. One would think that after over a decade off-stage, the group would have delivered a power-punch performance that lingered on the lips of the audience for years to come. Instead, the audience received yes energetic, but not a long-lasting impression of this once ground-breaking group.

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  • OUT March 18, 2009
    By Matt Parish

    About five hours into the show Friday night at the Cambridge YMCA, MC and resident Whitehaus scribe Brian S. Ellis once again climbs on stage in a pool-shark three-piece suit to introduce the Needy Visions. “We knew we had to get the greatest band that Weymouth, Massachusetts, has ever produced. And we did research.

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  • OUT March 12, 2009
    By Chris Faraone

    If you see an older white Cambridge intellectual correcting someone who says “breakdancing” instead of “breaking,” or explaining how the term “hip-hop” dates back to the 1940s, chances are he or she attended “Expect the Unexpected” last Tuesday, an evening of boom-bap flair and Jody Adams flavor at the celeb chef’s heavily propped Charles Hotel high-grubbery, Rialto.

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  • OUT March 10, 2009
    By Shaula Clark

    It’s a Thursday night, and the vestibule of the Berklee Performance Center is squirming with hopefuls trying to get into tonight’s way-sold-out show. A girl offering up a spare ticket sets off a grabbing frenzy. From the security guard’s perplexed crowd-control attempts, I get the impression that the BPC was not entirely prepared for this onslaught.

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  • OUT March 08, 2009
    By Carly Carioli

    JONATHAN PETERS + WIL TRAHAN | March 6 | Rise, Boston

    In what I was told was his first spin ever at Rise, JONATHAN PETERS drew a large waiting line of fans – guys and gals, very mainstream, as unlike the glitter and flash of Peters’s New York scene as possible. By 3am, Rise’s dance floors were packed, and they stayed packed.

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  • OUT March 04, 2009
    By webteam

    If you’re an event coordinator struggling to lure an audience, heed the adage “the more the merrier.” Book 20 dissimilar bands. Everyone’s predilection has somewhere to hang its hat, and all the performers become de facto attendees. Such was the MO of the third Polk Art Fest, which had Central Square’s All Asia aswarm on Saturday.

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