• OUT December 17, 2009
    By Alexandra Cavallo

    Arctic Monkeys perform "My Propeller." See a gallery of Derek Kouyoumjian's live show photos here

    Just five months after they last touched down on Boston, mop-topped Brits the Arctic Monkeys stopped by the HoB this past Sunday, headlining a sold-out show with New Jersey power-punk trio the Screaming Females

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  • OUT December 15, 2009
    By Alexandra Cavallo

    Dashboard Confessional performs "Don't Wait." See a gallery of Jerome Eno's live show photos here.

    Chris Carrabba has a lot of feelings, and he doesn't care who knows it. The Dashboard Confessional frontman and emo's reigning poster child has been both worshiped and vilified, in equal measure, for his penchant for raw odes about the many ways a heart can break.

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  • OUT November 20, 2009
    By Alexandra Cavallo

    Brand New plays "You Won't Know" at the House of Blues. Click here to see a full gallery of photos from the show

    I'd like to say that veteran emo-punkers Brand New's fans have matured with the band, if only because it would make a good opening line, but it wouldn't be true. The sold-out show at the House of Blues Tuesday night attracted the usual motley crew of spotty adolescents, mopey emo kids, and angular young moshers.

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  • OUT November 09, 2009
    By webteam

    Girls playing “Laura” live at Great Scott

    Allston got lucky Saturday night ... really lucky. Girls played their fourth show of their first US tour to a tightly packed and utterly appreciative Great Scott. From the instant frontman Christopher Owens stepped on stage to plug in his Rickenbacker, the crowd never took their eyes off the San Francisco quartet.

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  • OUT November 05, 2009
    By webteam

    Halloween at Resurrect, Bloodfeast, and Estate

    At 11:30 pm on Halloween, we realized we never charged our camera. After nearly abandoning the night to a bottle of vodka (sometimes we get a bit dramatic), we had 19 minutes of juice. That’s all a responsible journalist needs, right? Dressed as Luke Skywalker and one of the Lost Boys, we hit the road at midnight: three parties, two hours, little battery, and an ambiguous clock roll-back that hypothetically allowed an extra hour of early-morning extravagance.

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  • OUT November 03, 2009
    By Alexandra Cavallo

    Click here for the full Say Anything slideshow
    (photo by Jerome Eno)

    It's not entirely clear whether or not indie-punkers Say Anything named their band after the classic '80s flick (though as children of that generation, it seems pretty likely) but Max Bemis, frontman of the six-man band, seems to have at least one thing in common with Cusack's Lloyd Dobler: unabashed earnestness.

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  • OUT October 28, 2009
    By Shaula Clark

    From WFNX: Begley Becomes A Juggalo

    Considering that Chris Faraone has already plumbed the horrorcore depths in the Phoenix this week, and that the definitive case study of Juggalodom has already been written, I could keep this Insane Clown Posse show review brief: It's exactly what you'd expect.

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  • OUT October 23, 2009
    By Shaula Clark

    Misfits, "Saturday Night"

    So far, October has been a great month for me to live out my adolescent fantasies: In the span of one weekend, I not only got to shake Leatherface's hand, but also to see Type O Negative singing "Love You to Death" from five feet away. (Thank you, Rock & Shock all-access press pass.

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  • OUT October 21, 2009
    By webteam

    The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, at the Middle East in September 2009

    Bad luck for indie-pop band the Pains of Being Pure at Heart: they drove up from New York for a concert in Southie on Sunday night, only to be greeted by a lackluster turnout, most likely due to the wet snow that soaked a city still moaning about how it didn’t get a summer.

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  • OUT October 19, 2009
    By webteam

    We’ve been to Gucci-splattered parties at packed clubs. We’ve been to themed ragers in renovated churches. But even at half capacity, no one's danced harder than the kids at Maneuver, the new iteration of the madly popular Revival series. Taking over Revival’s monthly Monday slot at Middlesex, Maneuver’s a new night with new DJs, but this shit’s got more lineage than your friends at Harvard.

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  • OUT October 14, 2009
    By Barry Thompson

    HUMANWINE at TT's; click for live footage of Ketman and What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?

    An insufferably obnoxious buddy of mine snatched away my notebook and pen to jot down, “It’s like watching a marionette show on LSD,” during HUMANWINE’s set Thursday at T.T.’s. I didn’t hit him, but I wanted to. This sounds like [activity] on [drug] is the most hackneyed of all hackneyed critical devices, and I wouldn’t encourage anyone to venture near HUMANWINE while on acid.

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  • OUT October 09, 2009
    By webteam

    VIDEO: P. Nick Curran and Addison Post at Throwed!

    Never did I think Wooderson from Dazed and Confused would be relevant to my life. “That's what I love about these college girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age,” the Matthew McConaughey character says while trolling the sidewalk outside the local pool hall, which could easily be the one outside the Middle East tonight.

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  • OUT October 09, 2009
    By Ryan Stewart

    I know there's a lot of other things in the news right now that people would rather talk about -- moon bombing, Obama's prize, CB Bucknor, Jim + Pam, etc. -- so I'll be brief in discussing last night's Grizzly Bear show.

    The Grizz are in an interesting place right now. Sure, they're nominally a hip, "indie rock" band, but their sound is pretty far removed from the Pavements, Superchunks, and Neutral Milk Hotels of the world (to say nothing of Animal Collective or Deerhunter).

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  • OUT October 08, 2009
    By webteam

    Not even a (minor) set malfunction could put a damper on the energy coursing through the House of Blues last night. Mid-set, one corner of the gigantic, glowing, psychedelic screen behind the band slipped free of its tether and made a break for the stage floor. “Looks like we’re having a Spinal Tap moment,” vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala remarked idly, as the stage crew hustled to pull the errant screen back into place.

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  • OUT October 06, 2009
    By webteam

    Ra Ra Riot is a little more ra ra than riotous, but that's part of their charm. The six-piece act resembles a group of young band-geeks-cum-rock-stars (sort of), and it works for them. Their two female members rock a violin and a cello as if they were channeling Slash manhandling his axe, while shaggy-headed vocalist Wes Miles bops around the stage, alternately crooning into his mic and ruffling bassist Mathieu Santos’s hair with joyful abandon.

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