• March 19, 2011
    By P. Nick Curran

    For twenty minutes on Thursday night, my friend Akhil and I rounded the perimeter of the Scoot Inn looking for a way in. It was 1:30 a.m., the venue was at capacity and Talib Kwali was performing inside. We had just seen Beach Fossils fans almost tear down an outdoor stage tent at Shangri-La, we were drunk and we really wanted to see some hip-hop.

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  • OUT July 22, 2009
    By Chris Faraone

    VIDEO: Talib Kweli live at Rock the Bells

    About three songs into the epic final set of this year's Rock the Bells - a dream-like materialization of the fanatically anticipated Nas and Damian Marley collabo project - the hot dog that I buried as a late-afternoon drinking base began to sneak up my esophagus. I made it from my seat to the exit aisle, where I projected a chunky wet stream of stomach ooze. Imagine Lardass from Stand by Me; a few ushers in my way even caught some of the shrapnel shooting through my fingers.

    How did it come to this? I suppose my spiral redirected downwards around the time an acquaintance passed me a Percocet during Necro (I had a headache, and, at the time, was unaware that they sell Tylenol in the rest room). I was cool before that; watching K'Naan inside, and Eyedea - who looks a lot like Jason Schwartzman these days - on the outside Paid Dues stage, I had the ideal chemical crossfire charging my system. Even during Psycho Realm's pounding set - and through most of Necro (who rocked despite having laryngitis) - I felt well enough to nod my head. But after that I faded.


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  • March 22, 2009
    By Carly Carioli

    Faraone, Brodeur, and Thompson are just now plowing through SXSW's final night -- but we're just getting started with the weekend wrap up. We've got new videos going up hourly, Faraone is still Twittering his face off (and we don't expect him to shut up anytime soon), and there are some epic blog updates coming tomorrow morning. In the meantime, we bring you some of what's been going up on the site over the last 24 hours. First up, THE MAE SHI get it done under a parachute. Make sure you join us AFTER THE JUMP for Japanese punks PEELANDER-Z risking life, limb, and traffic accidents by setting up their instruments (and crazy-ass alien costumes) in the middle of a busy Austin street; Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek performing as REFLECTION ETERNAL; the first performance by Fugees producer JOHN FORTE since his release from prison; and a bone-rattling assault by the DEATH SET. That's just the beginning -- there's already more video up live at

    THE MAE SHI, "Run to Your Grave (Live at SXSW 2009)"

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