• January 26, 2006
    By Carly Carioli

    Sure, the RUDDS have impeccable ’70s and ’80s references — lots of bands do. But few people are more fun to watch than frontman John Powhida. When he jumps off the stage, unleashes his falsetto, and does suggestive things with the mike, he’s plugging into the time-honored rock tradition of straight guys pretending to be gay.

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  • January 20, 2006
    By Carly Carioli
    Bon Savants Arch, sophisticated, and impeccably dressed, Bon Savants frontman Thom Savant croons fey, picture-postcard indie-pop with a bitter aftertaste. Already beloved by Anglophiles from Central Square to Times Square, they're just now getting around to finishing their debut album, Post-Rock Defends the Nation, which was produced by Bill Racine (Rogue Wave, Flaming Lips).

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  • January 13, 2006
    By Carly Carioli

    ARE YOU THERE GOD? It's me, Aberdeen City. It won't be official for another week or so, but sources tell OTD that after a whirlwind bidding war, Boston's Aberdeen City will sign to Columbia Records. In another local connection, their A&R rep is Maureen Kelly, a Boston University grad who while at Universal Records signed the Scissor Sisters.

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  • January 06, 2006
    By Carly Carioli

    The guys in Taxpayer came of age in the same North Shore scene that spawned Cave In and Piebald -- but, being a teeny bit younger, bounced from hardcore to emo to "pink floyd shit" before settling on statuesque, anthemic pop with a commercial sheen: they're the type of dudes who have been known to put the best looking guy in the band closest to the camera for press photos, even when he's not the singer.

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  • January 02, 2006
    By Carly Carioli

    Coming this Friday: the first in a weekly series of (!) shows at Bill's Bar. Actually, we just kinda jumped on the bandwagon for some shows that FNX New England Product host Dave Douglas booked. Schedule (subject to change) as follows. We've got guest list if anyone wants to go, just hit us up in the comments section or email onthedownload at phx dot com.

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