Boston Accents 01.15.13: RIBS, Fat Creeps, Endless Jags, Dirty Truckers, Underwater Bear Ballet, Milling Gowns, Das Muerte

RIBS “Please Don’t Go” -- Starting the show today with RIBS, who has their song "Silencer" featured on Teen Mom 2 on MTV last night, only to have it air during the scene where Chelsea's French bulldog Frankie gets mauled and killed by the neighbor's husky. What in the hell?

FAT CREEPS “Dad Weed” -- Two new jams from the Creeps, posted today, from their upcoming split with Zebu off Feeding Tube Records. They are at O'Brien's Pub in Allston on January 24.

FAT CREEPS “Daydreamer” -- The other joint, and there's a sweet video for this as well.

DIRTY TRUCKERS “Stranger in Disguise” -- Playing February 1 at Johnny D's with John Powhida International Airport.

UNDERWATER BEAR BALLET “Naked In A Plastic Coffin”


DAS MUERTE “Byzantium” -- Playing January 20 at Church in Boston.

SOFT PYRAMIDS “Vaalbara” -- A bit early on this, but here's a show spotlight for January 23 at T.T. The Bear's Place, featuring Class of 2013's Boom Said Thunder and the next two bands. Rad bill.

ENDLESS JAGS “Seen Men” -- Cool band out of Maine on the 1/23 TTs bill.

SOCCER MOM “Celebrity Unrest” -- And just more solid shit from the Soccer Mom, who always deliver.

TRABANTS Featuring PROM QUEEN “Motionless” -- Playing January 26 at Precinct in Somerville.

THE FAGETTES “Gonna Die Out Here” -- Hott jamm.

GUILLERMO SEXO “Echo Out My Call” -- Shhhhhhh, I'm not supposed to be playing this yet, but my god it rules. Off new EP Bring Down Your Arms, which will debut Thursday on Accents as we'll be joined in studio by Reuben Bettsak of GSexo.

THE NEW HIGHWAY HYMNAL “Out With The Lights” -- Playing the pill @ Great Scott in Allston This Friday, tour homecoming gig.

THE MILLING GOWNS “Vanishes” -- Playing Radio in Somerville on Friday, on a spectactular bill with Lifestyle and Parlour Bells. Off the 2012 EP Something Dangerous Loves Me.

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