Boston Accents 12.07.12: Early 2000s edition with the Explosion, the Lot Six, Read Yellow, UV Protection, the Faux, Eyes Like Knives

So at about 4:45pm today I decided to do a semi-throwback edition of BOSTON ACCENTS on, spinning a lot of the bands that were doing it up when I first moved here in 2000, and the bands that first got me into our city's awesome music scene. I might send out a call to get some Night Rally, Mules, SPF A Lot, Codetta, Officer May, and a bunch of other shit I wanted to spin but couldn't because they weren't in the WFNX system. If you got it, hit me up at and let's right the wrong. Party like you're at Blackout Bar!

THE EXPLOSION “Sick Of Modern Art” -- Pure rock and roll! Lead track from the 2002 EP of the same name, the third release off Tarantulas Records. Mixed by Paul Q. Kolderie at Q Division. Damian Genuari also DJ'd at Start!

EYES LIKE KNIVES “High Rise” -- Forever and ever the greatest band name to ever exist, though it's now being used by some UK emo band. This was off their 2003 record Slow Distractions. Band once featured Andre Obin (Matters & Dunaway, Endless Wave, solo wiz)

READ YELLOW “The Association” -- Killer band. I believe we first nicked this off a Lonesome Recordings comp from sometime around 2005ish. Evan Kenny and Jesse Vuona now play together in Thunderbloods, who are at Great Scott on December 12.

THE LOT SIX “Freezin’ Scene” -- Off their 2002 record Animals, band featured Dave Vicini and Dan Burke who went on to form Viva Viva. Wish we had some Officer May in the system. The Lot Six broke up in 2006.

TUNNEL OF LOVE “I’m A Girl” -- Brookline freaks, track off Tunnel Of Love II, which features some very NSFW sleeve art.

THE FAUX “Love Lust Lies” -- This band still sounds like the future, synthpunk like no one did it previously, at the time (around 2003ish), or since. RIP Kirsten Malone, Queen of Boston DIY

THE CIGNAL “No Reason To Quit” -- Found this on a Tarantulas bonus CD off the Explosion EP. Synthy rock band played the first ever pill halloween show as the Happy Mondays in October 2003. Its members now live in DC, NYC, San Francisco...

UV PROTECTION “Cool Tall Buildings” -- Experimental electronic trio taking me back to Ben Sisto's old Honeypump nights, Sundays at the very early days of the Great Great Scott Takeover (2005ish). I have a home made demo of this CD which was spraypainted by the band.

CLIPPERS “Quiet Confidence” -- What's funny is that I meant to play Clickers, and this got spun instead. Whoops. The band Clickers put out a nearly-legendary split with Night Rally. I wish I had some Night Rally to spin!

DECEMBER SOUND “Kill Me Before I Kill You” -- Still menacing.

DAMONE “Out Here All Night” -- Getting back into the poppier swing of things, though a more recent cut than the others...

DAMN PERSONALS “Standing Still In The USA” -- The Damn Personals rock web is impressive: Anthony Rossomando went on to form Dirty Pretty Things and played in Klaxons, Jim Zavadoski went on to form RULE and play in SnowLeopards, Mike Gill is not a successful filmmaker, documentarian and music video director, and also played in Murder Mile. Their wiki goes on and on and on.

PIEBALD “King Of The Road” -- Gill also produced a DVD documentary for Piebald, Nobody's Robots : A Farewell To Piebald

HELICOPTER HELICOPTER “Ghost Face” -- Closing out with a request, Lunch Records band relocated to Los Angeles several years ago.

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