[q&a] The girl in the new Japandroids video, 'passed out' on Brighton Avenue

On Monday morning, Vancouver garage rock duo JAPANDROIDS released their new music video for 2012's undisputed call-to-arms anthem "The House That Heaven Built," and the tour-diary footage has a few recognizable parts filmed in Boston: the van cruising through either the Ted Williams or Tip O'Neill tunnel, the deep stage and long brick wall of Brighton Music Hall, and a girl passed out on Brighton Avenue either after or during the band's sold-out June 26 show at the Allston venue. Yesterday we raised the question of exactly WTF is going on in that closing scene, where a young lady appeared passed out, and then crying, laying down on the asphalt outside BMH right next to a traffic cone. A few hours later, we have our answer.

CASSANDRA MARINO, 22, of Shirley, is that girl in question, and she says no, she wasn't passed out from being drunk. We caught up with her late Monday night to get the scoop.

So... what were you doing laying in the street outside Brighton Music Hall?

For the last three years or so, I've been passing out and the doctors have yet to really pinpoint the reason why. I've been tested for epilepsy, narcolepsy, anemia, worn heart monitors for 24 hours; been rushed to the emergency room countless times, but every time they just give me an IV of fluids and kind of shrug their shoulders. I've gone down flights of stairs a few times and I'm not allowed to shower with the door locked anymore because I've passed out in the shower [laughs].

At first glance, the clip does have a "Hey, drunk girl passed out after the show" kinda vibe.

It happens more when I get over-heated and stressed, and drinking alcohol obviously doesn't help [laughs]. They've just kind of chalked it up to poor-circulation/low-blood pressure or Vasovagal Syncope. I wake up pretty quickly though, all you have to do is elevate my legs to get the blood back to my head, as you see my friend, Andrew, in the video doing. He's used to it which is why he was so calm.

Did you know Japandroids were using the footage?
I had no idea they were using the clip! I just got a text from Andrew saying we were in the video, and I went to watch it just expecting us in a crowd shot or something and then laughed when I saw us. And then horrified because you don't want to lay in the street in Allston [laughs].

What do you think of them using clip?

I think it's so awesome they used that footage! I'm a band photographer and love to do more documentary style photos; that's where all the good stuff is.

How was the show?
The show was beyond incredible. Andrew was the one that first introduced me to Japandroids, we would just drive around the city at night blasting them with the windows down; and after seeing that show I can safely say they are the epitome of everything I love about music: loud, raw, & honest.

Japandroids return to Boston December 9 at the Paradise. It's an all-ages show, tickets are $16, and go on sale Friday via

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