And the winner of a pair of Newport Folk Fest tickets and passes to Blind Pilot on a boat is....


Damn, you guys! Before we announce who won this thing, we should take a moment and say you guys entered the shit out of this contest. We were super impressed with some of these entries (no, really, some of these were like legitimate essays they were so detailed). So well done, all, everyone go ahead and give yourself a big interwebz pat on the back.

That said, there were way too many awesome ones (and some really strange ones) to pick one solid favorite. A weird amount of you managed to scrounge up actual blind pilots, too. Props.

So we picked our top 10 favorites, threw them in a hat (actually, a backpack) and chose one at random. And that winner is:


There's alot of great mentions so far, so I'll take things in a slightly different direction.
In thinking of famous Pilots, I've got to go with the one and only Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf Lee (son of actor Jason Lee aka My Name is Earl). With a name that awesome, he's got to be a favorite. Pilot gets bonus point too for being named after an indie rock song.
As for being blind, I've got to go with someone who was temporarily blind, Jessie Spano. No, Jessie never literally went blind, but she was blinded....blinded by ambition, fame and success. She had it all, the academics that put her on the path to college at Stansbury, the wrestler boyfriend and the rest of the gang at Bayside, not to mention a burgeoning music career with the powerhouse girl group Hot Sundae. It was all just too much for a young talent, and she had to turn to pills to keep it all going. She knew deep down how harmful this serious addiction was, but because she was blinded by her ambition, the addiction only grew. Thank God for Jessie's friend Zack Morris for saving her and getting her to admit that she was really just " scared".

No clue where you came up with Jessie Spano in relation to this particular contest, Justin, but we liked it. You're our kind of weirdo. So enjoy these tickets, you deserve them. "Powerhouse girl group Hot Sundae" particularly tickled us.

Honorable mention goes out to:

Zach: who managed to work a joke into this thing.

Kyle: "hairy Hugh Jackman at his side"

KJS55: nicely done on the Star Wars front, solid Princess Leia joke

Anfitzgerald: Reading Rainbow!

...and all y'all who found real live blind pilots. Wish we could give you all a pair of tickets.

Justin, hit us up at with your full name and deets and we'll set you up with your tickets!
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