[listen] Evan Greer's mixtape of radical, queer and pro-queer artists

In this week's issue of the Phoenix -- the Queer Issue -- we profiled local transgender political folk-punk singer Evan Greer.

Greer has toured nationally and internationally for over ten years, using her folk songs as a tool for supporting radical social movements, fighting sexism, racism, homophobia, climate change, and more.

Along with the article, we asked Greer to make a mixtape of her favorite queer and queer-friendly artists.

Stream the mixtape below, and read on for what Greer had to say about each track.

"Here’s a little mixtape of queer and pro-queer artists from hip-hop to punk and back again, all with a radical social justice edge. These are almost all folks who I’ve toured with, played with, or collaborated with and who I love as people as well as artists. Hope you like it!

Broadcast Live - 'Boomerang Metropolis'
This anthem against gentrification is a must-hear for everyone and heavily features rad queer female emcee Sean Desiree, a/k/a Bell’s Roar, from Harlem. These hip-hop rockers are featured heavily on my albums.

Bonfire Madigan - 'Slip'
I just got back from tour with riot-grrrl cellist legend Bonfire Madigan and even after hearing it almost every night for a month I am still not tired of this truly brilliant song from her much anticipated forthcoming album.

The Discotays - 'Death'

These sweet queer boys from the Navajo nation are my new faves. Catchy live electro dance-punk from the rez.

Back to the Roots - 'Back to the Roots'

Okay so maybe it’s messed up to include a musical project that I’m part of in my own mix tape, but I’m so excited about the music that I’m making with South Bronx freedom singing hip-hop artist Spiritchild that I just really wanted to share it with you! Plus with all the pink-washing of the colonial settler state of “Israel” that’s been happening in the news lately, (including the Boston LGBTQ Film Festival taking money from the Israeli Consulate), I thought it was important to include an anti-racist, anti-zionist song from a queer artist.

Taina Asili y La Banda Rebelde feat. Climbing Poetree - 'She Lives'

Three amazing queer women poets combine forces on this amazing song that touches on everything from patriarchy to colonialism to the ocean.

Lah Tere - 'Crush'

Lah Tere is one of the best emcees of all time. Period. She’s just so good and her attitude is fierce. Love seeing her at rad activist events around the country.

Born In A Cent - 'Unheard Anthems'

Brooklyn’s favorite melodic feminist punk band shows their acoustic side with this great queer singalong. These kids are so awesome, and will be the core back-up band for my new album!

Led To Sea - 'Is This The Last Time?'

I had the pleasure of seeing Alex Guy of Led to See play an amazing solo viola / voice set at an intimate show in Seattle opening for me and Bonfire Madigan on our last tour. She’s perhaps best known as the creative strings for Mirah, Xiu Xiu, The Pharmacy, and Laura Veirs, but Alex is an incredible songwriter, performer, and activist in her own right and I’m loving her albums. we’re hoping to collaborate in the studio soon.

Chumbawamba - 'Homophobia'
If the only song you know by Chumbawamba is "Tubthumping" you need to give this seminal anarchist brit-folk-pop-punk-dance-whatever band a second look. Check out their albums "Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records," and "Anarchy". I'll never forget performing with them at anti-war protests in DC back before the most recent US invasion of Iraq.

Bell’s Roar - 'Prove it On Me'
Sean from Broadcast Live's solo project, amazing multi-instrumentalist and soulful vocalist from Harlem. Had to include it 'cause everyone should check her bluesy queer rock side out. Stoked for her skillz on my upcoming albums.

Adhamh Roland - 'Rich, White, and Gay'
This is the perfect song to listen to during Pride season when decades of queer struggle for justice will be packaged, sponsored, and very possibly sold. Adhamh is a founding member of the Riot-Folk! Collective with me and a brilliant songwriter and organizer.

Schmeckel - 'Tranny Chaser'
Schmeckel are 100% Trans Jews from Brooklyn and this song is a hilarious parody of creeps who like to fetishize and exoticise trans folks or write us into their dissertations rather than fighting alongside us for everyone’s liberation.

Against Me! - 'Reinventing Axl Rose'
Laura Grace Gable coming out as transgender has definitely put us transfolks in the papers in a new way, and whatever we may think of her other politics, fame, etc., it made me think about how I used to listen to this song on repeat while taking the Greyhound bus to my next gig."
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