[awesome video alert] Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library "Amylee" #dolphinpocalypse

In one of the most visually appealing music videos we've seen in a while -- and without any of the therapy-inducing nipple visuals of that Big Digits video we last lassoed under Awesome Video Alert -- ensemble indie-pop collective the MICHAEL J. EPSTEIN MEMORIAL LIBRARY is back with "Amylee." Shrinky-Dink-like depictions of the band assemble to ward off the oncoming dolphinpocalypse (lolque?) by enlisting a female shark assassin to travel to outer space and destroy their marine mammal counterparts.

Not to be all whatever, but we can easily ward off any dolphin invasion by feeding the bastards heroin like those ravers did in Switzerland. However, should Operation Dolphin Junkie not work out as planned, the killer space-smart shark is a good back-up plan.

Anyway, the art was done by Dan St. Germain, and it really is awesome. For more on the Dolphinpocalypse, here's the report from MJEML's Sophia Cacciola.

Most people are well aware that the Mayans prophesied the end of the humanity on Earth in 2012 via massive dolphin takeover. Few realize, however, that the dolphins of Earth shall be joined by their space dolphin relatives in two-pronged attack on the human race.

The Government has already decided to declassify enough information about the Dolphinspiracy/Dolphinpocalypse 2012 (i.e., the dolphins' 2012 takeover of Earth, as predicted by the Mayans) to reveal that The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library has been recruited as a think tank to lead the battle against the dolphin invaders from space during their synchronous space/land two-pronged attack. The CIA, NASA, Homeland Security, NATO, and the United Nations have all teamed up to determine how to stop these invaders and to create as much documentation of the successes and failures of "PROJECT FLIPOFF." We have recruited documentary filmmaker Dan St. Germain to document our progress on the space front. We are delighted to reveal that the threat against humanity has been temporarily averted by an ally agent from the depths of the ocean.


Catch the Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library live and in action June 15, when they dive into the deep in the seas of indie-pop at T.T. The Bear's Place with Tallahassee, Velah, and Rumble darlings Cask Mouse. They've worked up a special two-show ticket deal in conjunction with their July gig at Church, as well, where they play with He's My Brother She's My Sister (the band touring with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes). But get in on the ticket deal, and you'll also score, among other things, "a limited-edition DVD containing the MJEML short film A Brief History of Flight, our yet-to-be-made 48 Hour Film Project film, and the dolphin-battling music video for "Amylee," plus other bonus video goodies."

Sink or swim, kids.

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