[ptsotl] Music dump: New sounds from Cut Copy, Star Slinger, the Gossip, the Cribs, Kimbra, Conduits, Gemma Ray + more

Gemma Ray drinking a soda I think

Lots of new music materialized in the old duder's inbox this week, and now it's my duty to click all the way over to the HTML tab on this blogging template and copy and paste the embed codes from the websites where that music lives. Legendary journalist Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes fame died earlier this week, at the age of 93, incidentally. I'd like to think that every time I reblog an indie rock publicist's press release for the rest of my life he'll be smiling down on me from journalism heaven. 

First up is the new "Lover Motion" EP from CUT COPY bassist Ben Browning. There's a lot to like about it, but mostly I think I just like the way it sounds like that one band Cut Copy. Sound Cloud here. Last year I wrote about how Cut Copy are the most important band in the world here the Phoenix. That was weird. 

The Together Festival is over, and it was a great week of music and we all learned a lot of lessons about life and love. Here's a mix of the official festival compilation by Boston's Fens featuring the likes of Doctor Jeep, GL∆SS †EE†H, Sergio Paramo, REWROTE and more. 

H/T to Michael and Boston Accents on WFNX for the tip on this new one from RM HENDRIX. It's summery and dressy, so I guess the "Summer Dresses" name works. "If you like beaches, girls, and rock and roll then buy this," reads the BandCamp page. Woh, slow down there guy, you're going to turn everyone off with your elitist taste.

You ever hear some glitchy ass chopped up electronic shit, like Gold Panda, or STAR SLINGER or something, and think like, this would be siqq if they got someone ill to go up off the top of it. Eh, maybe sometimes that stuff's better off as "hip hop" than hip hop. Here's the new one "Bad Bitches" from Starslinger ft Stunnaman and Lil B.

Here's the new video from GOSSIP, wait. Gossip? When did they lose the "the" from their name. And why would they do that? It took me a couple minutes to figure out this was actually the same band that used to be so brash and ballsy as fuck. What is this middling Evanescence shit? This is the worst band reinvention I've ever seen. Maybe the most obvious grasp at crossover success too. I'm pretty bummed and I never really even cared about The Gossip in the first place, nor did I think it was even really possible to sell out anymore. I stand corrected.

Speaking of weird reinventions, what was that whole Johnny Marr-era CRIBS thing all about? Kind of like when your dad sits down and says he want to try to play video games with you, wasn't it? You don't think it's really going to work out in any one's favor, but you're excited that he's taken an interest, so you go along with it? Glad to see them back to raw, melodic, sing-along form on this new one "Come On, Be A No-One" from their forthcoming album. 

Speaking of selling out, here's a new branded aural experience from KIMBRA, MARK FOSTER, and A-TRAK.This track was commissioned, paid for, and promoted by a sneaker company and it's still not even close to being in the same sell out ball park as that piece of shit Gossip song up there. 

Some Odd Future related thing or other. Kilo Kush produced by The Internet. I'm sure it's all very nice. 

Here's The Knocks remix of Dragonette's "Let It Go."  I would dance/stand around other people dancing while someone played this track in a room. I don't mind telling you that. 

THERE IS SO MUCH MUSIC IN THE WORLD FOR REAL. CONDUITS have a dirge-like new video for their dirge-like new song "The Last Dirge." If I was a ghost I would make sure they put this on as my entrance music every time I showed up in the spot. 

Unless I was a ghost in the 50s, with, like, a ghost hat, and a ghost wife I treated real shitty in my ghost Cadillac, then "Rescue Me" by Gemma Ray would be the song I always put on the ghost jukebox. Going to be honest, thought there would be a lot be a lot more 9/11 and alcoholic Irishman references in this one.

Originally posted at Put That Shit on the List, Phoenix music writer Luke O'Neil's internet dick joke and music concern.
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