[phlipcam video] Gotye @ House of Blues

One thing that happens when you're an artist and you have one massive, ridiculously popular hit single that's completely unrepresentative of the rest of your catalog blow up the interwebz, is that every every other BU coed not busy getting randy on Smirnoff Ice somewhere comes to your very sold-out show. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I'm just saying it's a thing that happens.

Another, is that you then have to work a lot harder to win over the audience, since can't play that one hit song 12 times and call it a night.

I mean you could, it's your show, but it might be weird. Good thing, then, that GOTYE was fully up to the task last night. I'll admit, I was a little worried for the guy. For one thing, he seems like sort of a strange dude. All lanky and floppy-haired and quiet-like. For another, as aforementioned, the 11 tracks on Making Mirrors that aren't "Somebody That I Used to Know" could well have come from a completely different artist. Turns out, though, Gotye a/k/a Wally de Backer is sort of a hell of a performer. Presiding over a wall of keyboards, sound machines, and mics, back dropped by trippy video installations, he came to play, and he brought his A-Game.

Waiting for Gotye to take the stage, I was pretty sure I was going to jam my PBR can down the throat of the girl next to me, if she didn't stop yapping to her friends about that dude in her psych class, or whatever. We get it, he's super dreamy, but why are you screaming? But when Gotye charged into "Eyes Wide Open" -- maybe his best song, you know, other than that other one you might be more familiar with-- they shut right up. What's more, they were really into it. As was the [majority of] the rest of the audience. Particularly the dude who swooped in next to me mid-show, dancing Peanuts-style with his arms swinging all around like they didn't belong to him. "Is this weird?" he asked me, at least three times. "Am I being weird?" Well sort of bro, but no weirder than the tripped-out images flashing behind Gotye up on the stage as he ran through a pretty awesome rendition of "State of the Art."

I felt a little weird, too, point of fact, though that could have had something to do with the kids behind me smoking weed. A lot of weed! In the House of Blues! Without being hog-tied and dragged from the venue!

So that's something.

Props to the crowd for waiting patiently through four or five songs before he served up the track everyone had been panting for all night. Gotye invited Kimbra back onstage for "Somebody That I Used to Know," which I think sounded pretty good live, although it was sort of hard to tell what with every single person in the room yelling along like it was a contest to see who knew the words best and loudest.

We all win!  

"That was very good," he told the audience, as we all stood there, catching our collective breath. "But do you think you'd be able to sing along to the next one, as well?" Cheeky bastard. Turns out they could, at least to the yeaaaee-yeahh chorus of "Save Me."

Also props to the crowd for not taking off after the pièce de résistance. If anything, in fact, the energy of the room picked up after "Somebody." All told, the show didn't run much longer than an hour, even with three encores, because, sort of strangely, Gotye only played off of his third and most recent album. Out of the HoB by 10:30 pm, not bad for a school night. "Do you know where my friends are?" Peanuts-guy asked me, as the lights came on. (I sure didn't, but I hope he found them).

So is Gotye destined for one-hit wonderdom, soon to be somebody we'll say we used to know? (Sorry, did that, had to). Maybe, but, judging from last night's performance, I hope not. Oh also, check this out. Pretty awesome, no? 


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