[sxsw2012] Metal + Techno: A marriage made in South By Heaven, with Nachtmystium, Octo Octa + more

If there's one thing I've learned about SXSW in the 40 hours I've been so far, it's fuck a plan. You can be the most plotting, calculated, anal retentive person in the world, but when push comes to shove, that game plan is going out the window. Walking past an open window and hear an interesting? Chances are you're dashing into that spot like an ADD-riddled six-year-old off his meds.

As was the case last night, when I ventured over to the Dummy XO showcase only to be underwhelmed thanks to woefully muted acoustics. Shame too, because I'm sure the show was great, but I couldn't vibe with the chilled atmosphere after rocking the fuck out with Danny Brown only an hour prior.

Luckily, on my way to the bathroom, I accidentally stumbled out the back door and into a yard full of burly tattooed gentlemen. After hesitantly prodding a couple of them, I was able to deduce that the band sound-checking was NACHTMYSTIUM. I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a connoisseur of metal to any degree, but I figured if there was an opportunity to jack up my adrenaline levels even further, this Metal Sucks showcase would be it.

I'm not going to bullshit you with a bunch of adjectives describing the dexterity of their shredability or anything like that. Like I said, I'm not all that privy to the metal scene. But on the real, this was the type of set that inspires one to explore an act deeper, which I intend to do with Nachtmystium immediately upon my return home next week. They seemed especially pissed off when taking to the stage thanks to a lengthy sound-check and seemed determined to take it out on the stage, which they did with a set that only lasted around 40-minutes, but could've gone all night as far as I was concerned.

After they ended, I opted to scale it back a bit, and headed over to Barcelona for the Halo Cyan showcase, arriving to the dingy basement venue just in time to catch JOHN TEJADA taking to the decks. Probably the closest thing to a techno legend at South By this year, Tejada delivered about an hour of analog style beats that reminded me of Inner City-style Detroit fare. Acoustics in the basement were basically piss poor however. Damn shame, but they were able to resolve whatever was making it the music sound as if it was coming out of a cassette player by the time OCTO OCTA took to the stage.


I highlighted the NH-bred artist in my preview coverage, and he came through last night, allowing me to seem like I have some idea what the fuck I'm talking about. His ever-chugging brand of house served as the ideal cap on a cripplingly long day in Texas. Not saying much considering what I've seen, but he has been the standout electronic act of the fest thus far.

Planning on catching ASAP ROCKY, PICTUREPLANE, and LIGHT ASYLUM this afternoon, but who really knows where I'll end up.

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