[live recap + video] The Fagettes, Dirty Virgins, Pajama People, The Island of Misfit Toys @ T.T.'s

On a calm late-summer Tuesday night at T.T. The Bear’s, local lovlies THE FAGETTES, PAJAMA PEOPLE and their friends got noisy, but not quite noisy enough to drown out the wamp-wamps and wub-wubs of Throwed directly underneath the stage. The floor of TT’s was literally rumbling with dubstep, and the front doors were flooded with Throwed's VIP line overflowing far down Brookline Street into the crowd of smelly, jean jacket-clad patrons of TT’s. It was awkward.

Allston's DIRTY VIRGINS opened the night just before 9pm, rank of cheap beer and cigarettes, perfect for their blend of grimy, appropriately sloppy bar rock. The Fagettes were stoked, as was everyone else. Bassist Lukas A. spent most of the show teetering dangerously from one foot to the other, ready to fall headfirst into the drumset or completely off the stage. It was unclear whether he was that drunk or just being silly, but it brought laughter and smiles nonetheless.

Pajama People then took it down a few notches. Or several. Attendees were invited to totally space out and swing back and forth to the spectacular ambience of Lindsay Gordon’s voice and Will Lakritz’s spacey keys. With no screeching guitars or blasting drums, the usually painfully loud sound system at TT’s was comfortable and pleasant.

The Fagettes were by far the most injured band of the night. Rumor has it that drummer Peaches fucked up his leg in a freak rooftop slam dunk competition accident. Singer Ryan (no last names necessary when you're a Fagette!) partied hard at Don’t Ask Don’t Tell the night before and lost his voice, and he apologized furiously for his condition. He still did pretty well, gargling whiskey and chugging water in between songs. With Peaches’ leg and Ryan’s voice, you’d think they were just mugged in an alley before getting to the show. Clearly a few minor/serious injuries can’t stop this band from still rocking the shit out of everyone and having a ridiculous good time.

THE ISLAND OF MISFIT TOYS busted out the killer Chi-town beardcore at the end of the night. The flyer for the show displayed far more members than were on stage, but they still brought the Chicago pop punk flavor in colorful flavors.

At the end of the night, the dubstep was still too hot, the cops camped out at THROWED were too cold, but TT the Bear’s was juuuuuuuuuuuuust right.

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